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Neil Pirie
We have been out at The Mill at Rode on several occassions and can recommend a great night out. Whether its just the comedy or comedy and a bite to eat you'll have a great evenings entertainment. Try it and you'll be back for more.

Geoff Davey
it was fun thanks for the laughs

Kyle Hurse
Great show last night! Can't wait to come along next week

Andrew Bowman
Great night Sal. Really funny and good mix of comedians with a nice atmosphere.

Andy Woolleymany
thanks for last night. awesome gig, venue and especially you as an MC. will recommend highly to South Wales scene

CHRIS GREENAUGH (Bar Celona comedy regular)
 What a night, without a doubt the best ever with all acts on top form....... I Cried! Wicked fun! Big up the legend that be Sal, bringing top comedy to the streets of Kingswood. Sal..... u da man!!!!!

Sally Helvey
Just to say thanks for a successful evening of comedy last night - well done for all your hard work. It was really appreciated by everyone there, including your 'acts' i'm sure.
There's a real skill with a compere's job in ensuring that you are just funny enough for the audience but don't take the limelight away from the acts about to perform. Very clever.

Father Bill, O.S.M.
You talking to me? Yeah….Gangsters can be scary but Gangster Comic Sal Monello facing 45 Catholics out for a happy evening of food and fun and telling jokes about the Pope and Catholic ways without drifting into the blue zone - How scary is that? Perhaps it was all down to the Parish Priest making Sal an offer he couldn’t refuse! The stand-up Comedy routine that was impressive from ‘Sal Monello’ salmonello@hotmail.co.uk, however, proved the fun evening it was meant to be with Sal’s big hats worn by guests, De Niro impersonations and Sal managing to get many of the audience and even the priest to come up on his podium to play the ‘Yes/No Game’ and listen to his jokes – some needing and getting a good bit of heckling from the floor! Catholics are not famous for ‘sing along’ but they all joined in with the ‘Big Pizza Pie’ song that ends Sal’s set and even did an encore! Thoroughly recommended for an acceptable evening of entertainment!


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